Speciality Films



Orange Flame Retardant Polythene sheet membrane for screening off areas both vertically and horizontally during construction work to satisfy insurance regulations.Orange flame retardant LPCB has complied with the requirements identified in LPS 1207: Issue 1 - Fire Requirements for Protective Covering Materials. LPS 1207 encompasses the most stringent test methods applicable to temporary protection systems, including vertical flame, toxic gas, smoke emission and oxygen index tests.


Green Tint Polythene sheet membrane with a Green Tint.


Medium DutyHeavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty Clear Transparent Polythene sheet material typically used for wrapping materials for protection during despatch and on-site handling.


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Yellow Radon Gas Barrier is a quality driven product widely used throughout the UK and Europe to protect against Cancer causing Radon Gases. Our Radon comes Centerfold from 2 meters to 4 meters, 1600 Gauge and because we manufacture from 100% recycled materials is the greener choice. Along with our specialist knowledge  we produce not only a BBA approved product, but also NHBC.  All our products conform to ISO 9001 and have been independent tested to K124/02/95.

Improved product

  • Increased Impact, Tensile strength and Puncture resistance

  • Take jointing Tape point off

  • Complete New Testing Equipment giving more Rigorous Testing procedures

  • Now recommended by NHBC