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Please Do not Hesitate To contact us regarding any of the Services we offer

Skip Retainment
 Skip Retainment so you can just fill and call us
Paper and Redundant stock Shredding
Paper and Redundant stock shredding to avoid important documents getting into the wrong hands
We have a range of vehicles including arctics, ridged for ease of access in smaller yards and a skip wagon roll on/off
Rigid Plastic
Rigid plastics of different types and grades, however all pieces must be under 1.5 meters long and 1 metre wide to avoid blockage during recycling
HD Bottle Waste
Large volumes of Packaging waste
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We purchase polythene based plastics LD, LLD, HD, and MD. We only use low contaminated plastics with no traces of food or PVC, metal, ABS Styrene, wood or stone.

We Buy..........

Polyethylene based plastics LD, LLD, HD, MD. We only use low contaminated plastics with no traces of food, PVC, ABS Styrene, metal, wood, textiles or Stone.

 We can assess samples and give you up to date prices.

Misprinted and Redudnant stock..........

We are able to take end of line reels, redundant stock and misprinted LD, MD and HD. Best prices paid and transport can be arranged with our own fleet.

Regrinds and Lumps........

We have machines to shred lumps to a maximum diameter of 1.3 meters but must be LD based.

Purgings and dye waste without contamination of metal filters/ wood are accepted but may need an initial sample to test.

All Regrinds either Jazz, Yellow, Blue and clear but must be able to mix with existing waste streams. We do not take ABS Styrene or PVC


We have a range of vehicle types including arctics, ridged for smaller yards and a skip wagon with roll on/off. We also offer skip retainment so you can just fill and call for a collection.

What we recycle

We purchase large volumes of packaging waste and are market leaders in converting discarded waste plastics into award winning plastic film to prevent dampness in building projects. We work within strict guidelines to ensure your plastic is recycled here in the UK and not shipped around the world when the know how is here.

What do we do with the Recycled Plastic?

     We collect the scrap                         Delivered to the factory                     Sorted and loaded                             Shredded

           Film        Blown                              Pellet is Created                                 Melt and filtered                           Loaded into the EREMA

The result is our award winning products of ECO Membrane

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