Toughsheet Building Products is going above and beyond what is expected to reduce the risks and keep our employees safe during these uncertain times.

During this uncertain time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we know that some companies have restricted travel, are implementing flexible work schedules, allowing employees to work remotely, etc.

We also recognize that you still have businesses to run and orders fulfilled, well it is business as usual for us. We have implemented all safety measures as guild lined by the government and are working with companies to ensure deliveries are made under strict guidelines.


 Our Factory is currently running 24/7 and we have increased the production capacity by more than 15%. We are hoping to be able to not only continue with our recycling goals but also help sustain the building trade during these unprecedented times.

Entrapment in plastic debris endangers hermit crabs

Another of the major issues affecting these islands is the damage to wildlife in the area. A group of scientists have collated and written a paper describing these dangers. A number of newspapers have also followed up with articles regarding the affects.

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Hello all,

Time for a quick update! Had a bit of a slow day today, but managed to clear 100m of beach. We got on to the island a bit later today, so by the time we’d hiked the 1.5 hour route to East Beach we didn’t get going until noon.

In total we’ve done about 300m of beach and collected 1.5t. We’re aiming to get another 1t tomorrow.

Here are some pics, from the last couple of days.

I may be spending a couple of nights on the island soon, so updates may slow.

"Hi guys,

So the boat was delayed due to bad weather but made up time and was at Mangareva to meet us off the plane. We managed to get underway just before sun down so have got the day back that we lost.

The ship is good - clean tidy with good food. Bit early to say how my sea legs are. Probably not as good as the ship.Here are some photos of the day. (Still definitely not a holiday!)So far, the Wi-fi is okay, so maybe more updates to come."

Hello all!


Had an interesting couple of days over the weekend. We had some issues yesterday when part of the team made it ashore, but in doing so the RIB (the little boat) got its propellor caught on some rope that was in the reef. Half the team had to spend the night on the island as the RIB couldn’t get back out (they had two Royal Marines for company so we’re in good hands). 


Today we have got the boat fixed and have delivered people to North beach which is calmer. The beach clean up team have beaten a track to the East beach so we can hike there tomorrow and access East Beach.


Here are some pics... yes, I am wearing a fleece and a pink walkie-talkie. 


Speak soon!

Andy Burnham

Toughsheet are delighted to welcome Andy Burnham & Valpak on 29th January

Valpak has been providing simple, innovative environmental solutions to over 4,000 customers since 1997 when the first piece of producer responsibility legislation, the Packaging Waste Regulations, was introduced in the UK.

MAYOR of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham is set to visit a Bolton business next week to learn more

about recycling.

Yesterday evening Andy visited Toughsheet in Westhoughton to see their brand new recycling machine.


It's through the hard work of people and businesses like this that Greater Manchester could become one of the greenest cities in Europe.


Top work!

 He will be shown around the Toughsheet Recycling Centre in Westhoughton to see how the facility recycles plastics into the products they then sell on.
The centre at Chequerbent Works has been recycling plastic since 1968, with around 15,500 tonnes being recycled each year.
The products they sell are for use by builders and include membrane, film and refuse sacks.
Toughsheet Building Products say that they “are committed to sustainable environmental improvement”.
The company says that their objective is to use large amounts of packaging waste that would otherwise go to landfill sites.

All the products that they sell contain a huge amount of recycled materials that are used in builders’ products, ensuring the material is taken out of the waste stream completely.
Doug Mercer, who has been managing director for 15 years, said: “With what’s going on in the news at the minute, I think he just wanted to come and see our centre and how we recycle.

“It’s going it give him a better idea of what’s involved and how we do things. I think it will help it become better known that lots of things can be recycled.


“I’m quite looking forward to meeting him. We’ll discuss general politics and of course more that can be done.”
Mr Burnham is already part of a campaign to ditch single-use plastics in Greater Manchester by 2020, as well achieving carbon neutrality in the region by 2040.
Toughsheet constantly works on improving its efficiency, having invested millions in state of the art machinery and technology to help improve the process.
People are increasingly being urged to recycle as the amount of plastic in the ocean increases.
Earlier this year, an investigation found that hundreds of bottles of water across different brands and countries contained an average of 10 tiny particles of plastic.

After a spot check Covid-19 visit from the HSE today we can confirm as we already knew that