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At Toughsheet we not only recycle your waste, but we turn it into another usable resource, creating something from nothing is what we are passionate about...........

Frank Mercer & Sons & Toughsheet Building Products are committed to sustainable environmental improvement. We have been recycling plastic since 1968.

It has been our objective to use more and more packaging waste that would otherwise go to land fill sites. All of our products contain high levels of recycled materials that are used in builders products that ensure that this material is taken out of the waste stream completely.


Our commitment to recycling has been supported by our £6.5 million investment in state of the art machinery and technology, together with quality sampling and continual testing.

The whole of our process is controlled by ISO 9001/2015 together with BBA and BSI continual auditing of our methods and in-house testing facility. We were the first company to make DPM from 100% recycled material to British Board of Agrement accreditation standard and PIFA standard. The government report by WRAP shows that our work produces material of superior quality to that made from virgin materials in the same field. The full report is available from

 We have received both local and national recognition for our work in environmental achievements. In particular we work very closely with Valpak, the biggest national compliance scheme for Packaging Waste in the UK. More information about Valpak is available on

 Valpak and Toughsheet are working very hard with a number of large supermarket chains to make better sorting facilities and therefore better use of their waste products. We have invested in technology that produces the majority of our products without the use of cardboard cores. This reduces packaging waste for our customers and reduces cost in their obligation to recycle.

It doesn't just stop there; we recycle waste oil, wood, paper and water, the usual by-product of any manufacturing facility. Our open-house policy allows any of our customers and suppliers access to our site to view the operation at first hand.


Meet The Team

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Managing Director

Douglas Mercer

01942 841111

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Factory Manager

Peter Bowdler

01942 841111

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Charlotte Cole

01942 841111

WY2M4338 Sarah Lyon.jpg
WY2M4299 Mark Phethean_edited.jpg


Mark Phethean

01942 841111

WY2M4317 Aundre Ozard.jpg

Transport Manager

Aundre Ozard

01942 841111


Eva Mercer

01942 841111

Procurement Manager

Gary Malloy

01942 841111


Sarah Lyon

01942 841111


01942 841111

Engineering Manager

Ryan Mathers

01942 841111

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Our Vision

At Frank Mercer & Sons we feel justly proud of our achievements and our absolute commitment to recycling.


Doug Mercer

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